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Colworth Medal for Trust Fellow

3 Mar, 2011
Akhilesh Reddy

Akhilesh Reddy

Congratulations to Akhilesh Reddy, who receives the Colworth Medal from the Biochemical Society today.

The Colworth Medal is awarded annually for outstanding research by a young biochemist who has carried out the majority of his or her work in the UK. The medal was donated in 1963 by the Unilever Research Colworth Laboratory and is awarded to a scientist under the age of 35.

Dr Reddy told us, “I’m utterly thrilled and surprised to have received this prestigious award, especially considering the amazing scientists that have won the medal before.”

Reddy is a Wellcome Trust Intermediate Clinical Fellow at the University of Cambridge. He studies circadian rhythms – how organisms sense and adapt to the cycle of night and day. Reddy uses systems biology, proteomics and genome-wide studies to work out how the brain’s clock controls different physiological processes such as the sleep-wake cycle, endocrine rhythms, appetite and various metabolic processes. He recently published back-to-back papers in Nature identifying for the first time the 24-hour rhythms in red blood cells and a similar 24-hour cycle in marine algae, indicating that internal body clocks have always been important, even in ancient forms of life.

Image credit: University of Cambridge Metabolic Research Laboratories
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  1. 4 Mar, 2011 12:49 am

    es una investigacion muy bien dirijida lo felicito encuanto ami observaciones con la estimulacion electrica cerebral observo aveces paciente que despues de una terapia les produce sueño lo cual yo creo que el sistema nervioso debe tener tener un reloj interno que se dispara y cambia su estimulacion para lograr el sueño cada 12 horas por ej.

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