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Fool me once…

1 Apr, 2011
Flying Penguin

Who said penguins can't fly?

Today, April 1st 2011, is truly a date that will go down in history. I can hardly believe that so many technological advances and scientific discoveries have happened all on the same day.

Some of these are so amazing, they almost seem implausible.

New Scientist has reported a new method of transferring data from one computer to another simply by touching the screens. The time-saving possibilities are breathtaking.

Riding the ‘wave’ of Microsoft’s Kinect, Google have introduced a new gesture based control system for Gmail. Currently in beta, the new tech will allow you to compose and edit emails by using an intuitive set of body movements. I can’t believe no one has considered this before!

Nerd-merchandise vendors Think Geek, have today announced that they will begin selling Arsenic-based Sea Monkeys, who have gained the ability to substitute arsenic for phosphorous within their cells.  Perhaps Wellcome Collection should acquire some for next Friday’s ‘Elements’ exhibition?

In ‘better than 2D’ news, the good people on the BBC’s Today Program spent time this morning demonstrating 3D radio. And apparently the sphere housing the planetarium in the @Bristol science centre is getting a much needed makeover, with the chrome finish replaced by a much more durable pebble-dash.

What a day.

What have been some of your favourite stories?

Image Credit: Wong Kee Wee on flickr
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