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Exchanges at the Frontiers: video interviews with some of the biggest names in world science

27 Feb, 2012

For the last three years I’ve been fortunate enough to get a ten minute interview with some of the most interesting scientists in the world. Before each Exchanges at the Frontier event, as our speakers arrive (sometimes practically straight off the plane!) I grab them, stick them in front of a camera, and ask them a few questions about their work. What are they working on at the moment? What do they think are the most interesting challenges facing them in the near future? What’s exciting in their field right now?

I’ve had some really great answers from such diverse people as Cynthia Kenyon, discussing her fascinating work on longevity, Lawrence Krauss on the origins of the universe, Steven Pinker on “common knowledge” and how I know what you know what I know what you know etcetera etcetera and many others, including Paul Nurse, at the top of this post. You can see all of these in a YouTube playlist at this link.

The events themselves, which saw the scientists in conversation with AC Grayling, expanded on all these topics and were broadcast on the BBC World Service. If you want to hear the full interviews links for the last three years are provided at the bottom of this page. The rest of the interviews from this year are embedded below.

Vilayanur Ramachandran on mirror neurons.

Valerie Mizrahi discusses her work on TB and why there is still a long way to go.

Steven Pinker on our history of violence and his latest work.

Gebisa Ejeta on what plant science can do to tackle drought.

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