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The Croydon School Science Project

24 May, 2012

Children, at school

Helping to improving the transition between primary and secondary school education and the science-specific attitudes of young people.

The Wellcome Trust have been collaborating with Croydon Council for the last two years, exploring ways to improve transition between primary and secondary school, with the hope that this would lead to better attainment and engagement for the young people of Croydon.

Thirteen schools in Croydon have been involved in the project and have participated in:

  • the collaborative development of transition units, to be taught at the end of Year 6 and the start of Year 7. These covered a range of topics from ‘forensic science’ to ‘photosynthesis and leaves’, with all of them promoting an investigative approach to science;
  • running activities, such as science clubs and workshops, all with the theme ‘I am a Scientist’ and providing opportunities for  primary and secondary students to work on activities together;
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD), including teachers observing lessons in a different Key Stage to their own and thinking about how to apply good practice from different stages of education to their own practice;
  • the Primary Science Quality Mark. This developmental scheme was successfully undertaken by all primary schools involved in the Croydon School Science Project.

To read more about the project please visit the Croydon School Science Project website.  There you’ll find lots of useful teaching resources, which can be used by other schools to run the transition units that were developed by Croydon teachers.

There are also video entries to a competition being run by Croydon Council. Pupils aged 5–12 have uploaded videos of themselves undertaking scientific investigations, so if you’d like to understand more about friction, the workings of motors, or any one of a number of other scientific concepts listen to Croydon pupils giving some brilliant and entertaining explanations. You can also vote for your favorite, with the school with the most ‘likes’ for one of their videos winning stereoscopic microscopes.

Croydon commissioned GHK to carry out an independent evaluation of the project and early insights from this show many interesting findings about the project activities, the best ways to facilitate successful transition and how the science-specific attitudes of young people change as they move from primary and throughout their early secondary education. We’ll publish these on the Wellcome Trust website shortly.

Emily Yeomans, Project Manager Education, Wellcome Trust

Image credit: Anthea Sieveking , Wellcome Images
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  1. 12 Dec, 2013 9:50 pm

    The links do not work on this any more! Such a shame, as I am a teacher in a Croydon school and would love to read more!

    • 16 Dec, 2013 2:56 pm

      Sorry about that – it looks like the Croydon Science page doesn’t exist anymore. You can follow @WTeducation on Twitter for lots of great education-related info.

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