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ThInK: A blog about the brain

7 Jan, 2013

ThInkA new year brings a new blog on our block.

ThInk is a new blog dedicated to exploring the human brain and the science, art and innovation that spring from it.
The blog, inspired by the BNA 2013: Festival of Neuroscience and the associated ‘Wonder’ season, is written by experts from across the field of neuroscience and beyond. In keeping with the aims of the BNA Festival, ThInk brings together researchers from different branches of neuroscience, giving readers an insight into the breadth of current research in the field. Regular columnists include Doug Turnbull (Professor of Neurology at the University of Newcastle), Jen Wallis (whose doctoral studies at Queen Mary, University of London, centre on late-19th-century British psychiatry) and a team of researchers from the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging at UCL.

We hope ThInk will promote conversation between scientists, the public and experts from other fields. Guest bloggers and interviews will explore the connections between neuroscience and other disciplines – from music and performance art to education and law – while posts from the team behind the Wonder season will give behind-the-scenes coverage of events at the Barbican.

Among the first posts are Vikram Patel on global mental health and Robb Rutledge on how the brain responds to rewards.

Visit ThInk to find out more and read the first posts.

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