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Wellcome Image of the Week: Raspberry

6 Sep, 2013


The detail on this succulent raspberry is not what you would expect from a normal still life, because this image depicts a raspberry captured with a scanning electron microscope (SEM). The raspberry (genus Rubus) is part of the rose family, grown in all temperate regions of the world.

The image was taken by Annie Cavanagh and Kate Keene in 2010. Fruits can distort quickly in an electron microscope as they have a high water content, which they lose in the vacuum of the microscope. This raspberry was in a low vacuum so suffered minimal water loss and remained plump and succulent. Since the whole raspberry was 2cm long, it was far too big to be imaged in one take. Therefore, Annie and Kate imaged the raspberry in 18 different sections. Annie pieced these sections together in Photoshop and coloured the result. This gave the final image, which is much more detailed than conventional photography.

Image credit: Annie Cavanagh and Kate Keene
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  1. 6 Sep, 2013 9:51 am

    Whatever next. Cue other raspberries developing body dysmorphia!

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