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How the Wellcome Trust spends its money

24 Mar, 2014

The Wellcome Trust grant portfolio currently has over £2.4 billion of active grants. In line with our ethos of being open about what we do, we have released new data and infographics to show where we spend out money. Alyson Fox, Head of Grants Management at the Wellcome Trust explains why we have released this new data.

Every year we publish our annual report, which gives an overview of the work that we fund and how the Trust’s portfolio is managed. We realised that there was even more information that we could share in order to keep researchers better informed about the support that we offer and the opportunities that are available. We want to be transparent about our funding and give more details than the figures in our annual report, for example, award rates, the types of people that we are funding, and the breakdown according to different schemes.

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 14.54.40

With almost 3000 active grants, there is a lot of data to sort through, so we looked at ways that we could make the data easier to comprehend. We have now produced a series of infographics and charts that include which areas we fund, the breakdown of funding, and also how successful organisations are at getting their grants accepted.

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 14.52.56

All of this information is now available for you to access via the Wellcome Trust website and we hope to make data even more accessible in future. We are proud of our varied portfolio and we think that it is important to be transparent about what we fund. We hope that you find this information useful.

You find all the infographics on the Grants Management pages of the Wellcome Trust website. The Wellcome Trust has also recently published details of its open access spending, and that data can be access via FigShare

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