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Nominate your favourite Science Commentator

18 Jun, 2014

Comment awardsThe 2014 Editorial Intelligence Comment Awards launch today and include a Science Commentary category for the second year running, which the Wellcome Trust is proud to sponsor. The awards celebrate the finest UK print and online commentators whose writing fosters informed discussion on the great challenges facing our society.

The Trust supports these awards as it recognises the crucial role played by commentators in stimulating debate and asking challenging questions. In addition to its commitment to drive extraordinary improvements in health through biomedical science, it is also committed to open communication and engagement, ensuring that science is embedded at the heart of the national conversation.

So often scientific and medical advances create important talking points on which there may rightly be a diversity of viewpoints, and we seek to encourage such debate. In a reflection of the scientific process itself, this form of evidence-based scepticism and analysis plays a crucial role in society. As the excellent work of last year’s Science Commentator winner, Anjana Ahuja, shows, it also makes for fascinating reading.

We hope these awards will continue to give science commentators the recognition they deserve and raise the profile of science commentary in the media. Nominations are open until the 31st July and winners will be announced at an event in London on 25th November, and we strongly encourage entries and nominations. Full details about the awards and how to make nominations are available on the Comment Awards website.

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