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  1. 26 Aug, 2015 10:32 am

    I’m delighted to see that Lab13 is having such a positive impact in Ghana, just as it has had at our primary school in North London. We’ve been running a Lab13, complete with a fantastic Scientist in Residence, for a year and a half now and have seen not only soaring interest in and excitement about science, but growing skills in communication, team-working and creative thinking. Our children recently conducted the first ever randomised controlled trial of the alleged health benefits of Manuka Honey and presented their results at the Cheltenham Science Festival (the first children ever to have a stall at the Festival). The many benefits of the Lab13 approach have been documented in research by the Wellcome Trust, whose staff have visited on several occasions, while Ofsted’s head of science has also been highly complimentary.
    However, we may not be able to keep Lab13 going for much longer. Primary school budgets are already stretched and we need funding to pay our Scientist in Residence. Our appeals to businesses and foundations – including the Wellcome Trust – have mostly been met with silence or with the repeated mantra, “we don’t provide money to individual schools.” Never mind that we’re already offering Lab13 lessons to neighbouring schools and, if we had the funds, would spread the concept and practice throughout our borough. Perhaps, in addition to supporting the excellent work being done in Ghana, the Trust could look into its own backyard (our school is in the Trusts’ neighbouring borough) and help us to go on inspiring children in the UK to love and understand science.
    Claire Bolderson, Vice-Chair of Governors, Gillespie Primary School.

  2. Fadahunsi Baez permalink
    17 Mar, 2016 5:53 am

    Wow, really an awesome clicks. But the first one i liked most it’s really so funny click. Recently I had a trip to Accra which I booked through am surprised that the Ghana people are really so helpful&intelligent also.I stay there for 10 days&not feel that I am an unknown person there. They treated me like there nearest&dearest person.

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