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Image of the Week: yellowbluepink

16 Oct, 2015
Visitors in the coloured mist installation by Ann Veronica Janssens at Wellcome Collection

Visitors in ‘yellowbluepink’ – a new installation by Ann Veronica Janssens at Wellcome Collection

This week at Wellcome Collection, we have immersed ourselves in a dense, enveloping mist that is so thick you can barely make out your own feet.

The mist is the creation of artist Ann Veronica Janssens – and she’s has filled an entire gallery with it. The installation, titled yellowbluepink, kicks off States of Mind, a year-long exploration of human consciousness taking place at Wellcome Collection.

You might wonder how this colourful artwork finds a place in the ancient and ongoing debate about the nature of conscious experience, but stepping into the room, and experiencing something akin to the sensory deprivation of a pitch dark room – whilst simultaneously being drenched in colour – is both bewildering and thought provoking. It focuses your attention on the process of perception (Do we all see the same thing when we look at a sea of colour? Do we see what is actually in front of us, or what we expect to be there?) and sheds an interesting, pinkish, light on the ‘hard question’ of how and why our objective brains give rise to our subjective conscious experiences.

Visitors have described the installation as both tranquil and disorientating, perception-skewing, mind bending and like ‘walking through a rainbow’. What will you see?

Image credit: Russell Dornan

Find out more about the installation on the Wellcome Collection website, including advice for visiting this disorientating artwork, such as resisting the urge to run or not losing your children in the mist!

Share words, pictures and videos of your experience using #StatesOfMind and add to our collective consciousness.

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