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Coming soon: Wellcome’s new website and brand

20 May, 2016

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Mark Henderson, Head of Communications, gives us a preview of the upcoming launch of our new website and updated brand.

For many of the people Wellcome works with, visiting our website is the first contact they will have with us. As someone who is often in a hurry and usually on the move I’m aware of how essential it is that people can easily find what they are looking for and immediately get a sense of who we are.

Our website should be where we communicate Wellcome’s mission and encourage those with great ideas to work with us. It should showcase the breadth of the work we support in accessible, engaging and creative ways. It should also help people find and understand our policies and practices when it matters to them.

Our current website doesn’t do this as well as it could, and we want to put this right.

What’s changing?

Next week, our current website – – will be replaced by a completely redesigned site that has been built to work better for the people who visit it.

The new site’s design was informed by what people told us was wrong with the old one and what they said they’d like our site to be like. The new site has been designed to be accessible and work well across all screen sizes. While we built the site, an external agency did regular usability testing, to check that it works for users in the ways they want.

We know that it won’t be perfect right away. When the site launches we will be able to see how well it works for users – you! – in the real world. We will continually work to improve and evolve it, adding features and content to make it even better. If you find something that doesn’t work quite right – perhaps a broken link or something that doesn’t read correctly – just contact us and let us know. We may already be working to fix it, but if not, we will address it quickly.

Alongside building our new website, we have also been redesigning our brand – and the new website is one of the first places to feature it. We’ve designed the brand to reflect the diversity and creativity of contemporary science, to work well in digital channels, and to help connect the different types of work that we do. It is much more flexible too – we hope you like it.

On the same day we launch the site we will update our brand on our social media and other digital channels. We’ll then apply it to our non-digital materials and our sub-brands over the summer. For more information about our updated brand, look out for an upcoming news article once the new website is live.

What isn’t changing?

Many users of our current website have links saved as bookmarks or published in documents. These links will still work, with users sent to the most relevant page on the new site.

The following will not be affected:

  • Wellcome Trust Grant Tracker
  • Any ongoing applications for funding or job applications
  • All other Wellcome websites

What’s happening to this blog?

The News section on the new site will allow us to regularly publish high-quality content in a way that we are currently unable to. Much of the content that would have previously been published on this blog will now be published on the new site.

The blog will still remain online, but no new content will appear after the new site launches. You will still be able to access all old articles. Existing links to the blog will still work too.

This blog published its first article in June 2008, on the work of osteologists and what skeletons can tell us about the history of London. Nearly eight years and two million views later, we’ve published 1,517 articles on everything from the success of the Ebola vaccine to the ethics of labiaplasty.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed articles and ideas, shared our posts, and shown so much enthusiasm for the breadth of our work.

What do you think?

After the launch, we want to hear from you. Please send your comments and suggestions to We’ll get back to you as soon as possible and your feedback will help to guide our future work to evolve our new website.

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